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Co-Curricular Activities


Co-Curricular Activities

These are activities related to the improvement and enhancement of the students' academic experiences and in support of the academic programs. These activities aim at developing, enhancing students' social skills, leadership qualities, healthy recreation, self-discipline, self-confidence and other qualities that will help in the holistic formation of the students.

a. Speech Fest - develops fluency in talking, alertness in answering questions and the argumentative power of the students.

b. Literary-Musical - helps explore the talents of the students and train them for self-expression and development of poise and personality.

c. Academic Inter School Competition - provides the students the opportunity to display their knowledge power in different subject area with alertness, precision, and accuracy.

d. Exhibits - aim to provide creativity among students by providing opportunities for displaying their talents and skills through their commendable works in arts and sciences.

e. Field Trips - offer opportunities for students to observe and study nature in its natural environment and to enrich their knowledge of things learned in the classrooms. Discussion of experiences during the field trips develop critical thinking. 


Davao Chong Hua High School Chinese Oral Contest