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Board of Trustees - S.Y. 2014-2016

Mr. Edison L. Lu

Mr. Edison L. Lu is an alumnus of the Davao Chong Hua High School, formerly the Davao Central High School. After graduating from high school in 1976, he took up his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Armed with competence, skills, knowledge and sound principles of good business management, he came back to serve in the family's business which gave him also the opportunity to contribute in providing employment for the locality.

He serves as President of Julu Enterprises, Incorporated; Julu Cornstarch Corporation and the ESLU Enterprises, Incorporated. He is the Board of Director of Subaru Car Davao Incorporated. Likewise, he serves as Vice President of the Davao J.C. Arcade Incorporated, the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Davao Liat San Family Association, Incorporated. Formerly, he was President of the Metro Davao Grain Traders Confederation.

In 2003-2004, he was elected President of the Davao Chong Hua High School Alumni Association, Incorporated, and elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the school in 2012, in which he is still serving up to the present.

With his Board team, innovations have been undertaken in the academic and non-academic programs of the school. He believes in developing students wholistically to make them better prepared for the global demands of the times. He believes that a strong sense of commitment is an important ingredient in the attainment of one's goals and success. He believes in the values of excellence, virtue and service- motto of the school.

Mrs. Tita Y. Ko
Vice Chairperson

Mr. Domingo T. Uy
Vice Chairperson

Mr. Severino Herrera Jr. 
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Jacob Chua
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Alfonso Ang
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Dominic So Peng Kee
Past Chairperson
Mr. Celso Sy
Chairman – Administration Committee
黃華山 王宏道 陳秉達
Mr. Jess Uy Mr. Benito Mesina Mr. Harry Lopez
BOT Adviser BOT Adviser BOT Adviser
呂耀銘 Mr. Edison L. Lu Chairperson
劉淑治 Mrs. Tita Y. Ko Executive Vice Chairperson
黃種植 Mr. Domingo T. Uy Vice Chairperson
洪經國 Mr. Alfonso Ang Vice Chairperson
陳清淵 Mr. Severino Herrera Jr. Vice Chairperson 
蔡俊華 Mr. Jacob Chua Vice Chairperson
黃鵬舉 Mr. Dominic So Peng Kee Immediate Past Chairperson 
劉碩西 Mr. Celso Sy Chairperson Administrative Committee
蔡稱平 Mr. Wilson King Member Administrative Committee
丁玉鐘 Mr. Jesus Tan Member Administrative Committee
蔡石如 Mrs. Nancy Uyking Member Administrative Committee
劉森炎 Mr. James Lao Member Administrative Committee
戴碧華 Mrs. Felisa Tan Treasurer
洪耀章 Mr. En Sin Ang Vice Treasurer
王守慶 Mr. Lucio Ong Chinese Secretary
林華生 Mr. Morino Lim Assistant Chinese Secretary
許延平 Mr. Jose Cua English Secretary
劉戴玉珍 Mrs. Christine Lim Assistant English Secretary
吳希廉 Mr. William Go Board Member
許自宏 Mr. Guilbert Yenco Board Member
吳忠清 Mr. Johnny De Mesa Board Member
劉黃慧貞 Mrs. So Sanna Board Member
許謀澤 Mr. Adan Co Board Member
王貽川 Mr. Luis Ong Chavez Board Member
洪琪龍 Mr. Jennido Ang Board Member
顏永錫 Mr. Romy Gan Board Member
蔡炳團 Mr. Tony Chua Board Member
陳偉欽 Mr. Willy Tan Board Member
盛敬萱 Mr. Jammy Seng Board Member
余會明 Mr. Michael Yee Board Member
李國樑 Mr. James Lee Board Member
戴建國 Mr. Crisostomo Evangelista Board Member
劉西強 Mr. Jose Yao Board Member
呂良皆 Mr. Liong Kai Lu Board Member
王維廉 Mr. William Lima Board Member
蔡培立 Mr. Johnny Ti Board Member
吳鴻源 Mr. Eusebio Go Board Member
楊偉志 Mr. Wilson Yeung Board Member
Past Chairpersons of the Board of Trustees

Mr. Dominic Peng Kee So (2010-2012)
Mr. Benito C. Mesina (2008-2010)
Mr. Jess Uy (2006-2008)
Mr. Chua Tun Chuan (2002-2006)
Mr. Delfin Go Kianlam (1998-2002)
Mr. Guilbert Go (1983-1998)
Mr. Severino Herrera Sr. (1976-1983)
Mr. Arsenio Lopez Chua (1970-1976)
Mr. Wee Siu Yin (1964-1968)
Mr. So Kim Pong (1963-1964)
Mr. Go Tiong Chong (1961-1963)
Mr. Marcelo Te Seng (1958-1959; 1968-1970)
Mr. Ang Su Ban (1954-1958; 1960-1961)
Mr. Ong Hak Yeo (1953-1954)
Mr. Ramon Teho (1952-1953)
Mr. Segundo Lim (1950-1952)
Mr. Ang Sin Tiong (1947-1949)
Mr. Chiao Bee Ang (1946-1947)
Mr. Gregorio B. Cam (1940-1942; 1945-1946)
Mr. Tan Sin An (1938-1940)
Mr. Lim Sui Teng (1936-1937)
Mr. Ang Liong To (1934-1936)
Mr. Ong Kun Et (1933-1934)
Mr. Tan Ching Chuan (1931-1933)
Mr. Te Chiu Im (1926-1928)
Mr. Lim be Hoi (1924-26)
Mr. Chua Chin San (1923-1924; 1929-1931)