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The Davao Central High School, formerly known as the Davao Chinese High School, was founded on June 3, 1924.  It traced its humble beginning to two rented classrooms at San Pedro Street with only 30 students.  Seeing the necessity of acquiring a permanent school site, Don Francisco Villa-Abrille Lim Juna, a charter board member, donated a 10,000 square-meter lot, which became the present school site. 



A Charter Member of the Davao Central Educational Association, Don Francisco Villa-Abrille Lim Juna was a man who greatly valued the importance of education as exemplified by his donation of 10,000 square meters of precious land to the Davao Chinese High School, now Davao Central High School as the campus site in October of 1924. This gesture of generosity laid the foundation where Davao Central High School stands as an institution of primary and secondary education committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and the propagation of Chinese language and culture. A memorial was unveiled on September 28, 1999 on the occasion of the school's 75th Founding Anniversary in the presence of the heirs of Don Francisco Villa Abrille Lim Juna as our loving tribute to the unforgettable act of philanthropy.

The first building was a one-storey wooden structure.  Classes were held in the new site in January 1925.  With the aim of preserving and propagating the Chinese language and culture, the school offered a dual curriculum in English and Chinese.  It was then the only school in the City of Davao offering Chinese language.

After twenty years of development, three-classroom buildings and one dormitory were constructed, with a student population of more than three hundred.  However, towards the end of Japanese occupation during the 2nd World War, all the buildings, except one, were destroyed.  After the war, four more classroom buildings and one dormitory were constructed.

In 1965, the city government expropriated 1,789 square meters of the school property for Sta. Ana Avenue, which cuts through the school campus dividing it into two.  In 1976, in compliance with Presidential Decree No. 176 Filipinizing alien schools all over the country, the name Davao Chinese High School was changed to Davao Central High School.

Severino Herrera Sr. 


Mr. Severino Herrera Sr. was the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees when the school had just celebrated its Golden Jubilee. During his Chairmanship, he took a major role in sustaining the financial assistance for the school expenses. He continued the program on scouting for financial assistance for the children who belonged to the needy families who would want to send their children to the Davao Central High School for their education. During his Chairmanship the Nursery class was opened and the high school building was moved to the main site. As usual, seminars and workshops for updating teaching methods were supported. He was instrumental in hiring the first alumna lady Director for the school. Being also an alumnus, he gained the strong support of the community.





Mr. Guilbert Go’s Chairmanship became the defining moments in the life of the Davao Central High School. He initiated the construction of three concrete buildings with three storeys each., and had these buildings constructed which now house thirty-four (34) classrooms, three (3) Science Laboratories, an AVR, a Speech and Computer and Internet Laboratories, eleven (11) offices and the Instructional Media Center for the Grade School and the High School. These concrete buildings have become the focal point for the education of the students for both the Chinese and English programs. He also initiated the membership to the Board of the Family Association to extend financial support to the children belonging to the Family Association. In his quest for quality education for students, he fully supported the faculty development of the teachers for local and national training.

Mr. Guilbert Go served the Davao Central High School as Chair of the Board of Trustees for fifteen (15) consecutive years. His term commenced as the school celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. Part of his earliest official function as the Chair of the Board of Trustees was laying the cornerstone of the buildings on September 29, 1983. The legacy of his Chairmanship of the Davao Central High School Board of Trustees lives on.




In 1998, Mr. Delfin Go Kianlam was elected as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. It was during his term when the construction of two major projects were made. These are the Tan Yan Kee Memorial Preschool in 2001 and Jolly Central Covered Court in 2002. Dr. Lucio Tan funded fifty percent of the entire cost of the Tan Yan Kee building, and the building was named in commemoration of his late father. The Jolly Central Covered Court was also named in honor of the Donors from Jollibee Food Chain.



In 2002, Mr. Chua Tun Chuan was elected Chairperson of the Board. During his term, the school facilities were renovated and upgraded such as the Students’ Canteen, Library, Clinic, Computer, Biology and Physics Laboratories, Home Economics room and Art room and all comfort rooms. These renovations were under the planning and supervision of Engr. Harry Lopez. The Alumni Association Manila chapter also donated the internet research center with twelve (12) units of computers. It was in the year 2004 where a lot of activities were made as part the 80th Foundation Day celebration. One of this was the opening of the mini-museum.


Mr. Jess Uy's Chairmanship in 2006-2008 had made significant initiatives that benefited the school.  The program to change the name of the school was initiated during his term  This program is important to regain the name of the institution as the pioneering school in Mindanao for Chinese education.  Faculty development and In-Service Training were likewise given emphasis.  Mr. Uy's thrust on quality education for the Davao Central High School was greatly influenced by the training he acquired from his active involvement and the different designations he held in various civic organizations, like the Jaycees, Tau Mu Fraternity and the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce.



In 2008, the Board of Trustees elected a new Chairman, Mr. Benito C. Mesina.  Under his leadership, the school underwent  transformation:  repainting of the elementary and high school buildings, beautification of the campus, expansion of the elementary and high school laboratories and the purchase of additional new laboratory equipment.  He invited Kindergarten experts to improve the preschool education, granted loans to all teachers to purchase computer laptop units as an aide to teaching, and initiated the significant increase in the compensation of faculty and staff.


Mr. Dominic Peng Kee So succeeded Mr. Benito Mesina as the new Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. During his chairmanship, the school was granted the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ACSCU) level 1 Status. The Sports Program and faculty fund were given fuller support. With fresh perspective on leadership, the Chairperson, together with the Executive Committee, envisions a different Davao Central High School – a school responsive to the challenges of its society.


2012 - 2016

Edison L. Lu has been re-elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees enabling him to serve the school for two (2) consecutive terms (2012-2016). His total commitment to quality education has marked his years of leadership with major and varied undertakings. He and his team have actualized a number of plans: the school’s change of name to Davao Chong Hua High School; the attainment of Level 2 of the ACSCU Accreditation (Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Accrediting Agency, Inc.) to level up the standards of the institution; and the development and implementation of the Senior High School Program.

In support of Instruction, Faculty Development is given emphasis. Scholarships are granted to teachers interested to pursue graduate studies, seminars and other in-service trainings for professional, spiritual and social growth; and other academic innovations have been fully supported. In the management structure, the Subject Area Head and the Level Head have been institutionalized.

Recognition is given to students with academic distinction through the grant of full scholarship for junior high school for the valedictorians of the Chinese and English programs. Other initiatives still in line with the accreditation have been undertaken: Annual increase in the salary, creation of the WEBSITE, installation of the PABX to facilitate communication, and the systematization of the finance procedures. For facilities: re-painting of the pre-school building; major renovation of the grade school and high school libraries; creation of the Chinese library, construction of the Faculty Mess Hall and the botanical garden; enhancement of the equipment and appliances in the HELE laboratory, and the upgrading of the Science laboratories, among others.

Mr. Edison L. Lu and his Board Team’s efforts have been geared towards stability of standards of excellence, developing our students to be attuned to the 21st Century challenges, prepared for global competitiveness; and for the school to heighten its promotion as the hallmark of quality Filipino and Chinese education.